LOL Shot


LOL Shot is a free online multiplayer first-person shooter game that you can play in your browser.
It's easy to learn and hard to master with a fast-paced gameplay, spectacular aerial feats like rocket-jumps, flamethrower jetpacking and mid-air frags.

Lol Shot game: view of the multiplayer arena from above

Play for free

Like all io games, LOL Shot is free to play, no strings attached: jump right in and start yeeting your opponents off the map.
Play it like a casual game or train to become a pro, either way play at your own pace and whenever you want because there are no subscription fees.

In-game view of the free FPS game Lolshot

Play with friends

Invite your friends to play in the Lolshot Arena by sharing your unique server link, it's as easy as copy-paste.
Unlike other FPS Arena games you don't need to know programming to set up your own server, you can host a game in one click.

View of a match of 'LOL Shot io' when playing with friends

No install required

The best part about Lolshot is that there is nothing to install because you play in the browser.
LOL Shot is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and more.

Screenshot of the pre-game interface of lol shot